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Building a racism-free world through our community

“We are a COALITION of Dedicated People Committed to Eradicating Racism and spreading anti-racism throughout our communities, countries and the world. “



We are a GLOBAL organization. The initial focus is on the United States, as the stability of the US is critical to the world, and racial disharmony in the US is one of the most destabilizing issues long term for the country and world. However, we will steadily work to improve our relevance and content globally as all countries have some aspect of racism, classism and hate that must be addressed. We will need international volunteers to assist with this important mission.


All GENDERS and / or SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS and IDENTITIES are welcome to join ARCC.

All POLITICAL VIEWS are welcome to join ARCC as long as policy does not overtake our core values and purpose to be anti-racist. In other words, ARCC MEMBERS VIEW ALL POLICY THROUGH THE LENS OF ANTI-RACISM.

ALL RELIGIONS are welcome to join ARCC as long as religion does not overtake our core values and purpose to be anti-racist. In other words, ARCC MEMBERS VIEW RELIGION THROUGH THE LENS OF ANTI-RACISM.

Board of directors

A man in a suit and tie posing for a photo.

Donzel A. Leggett

A woman in a blazer and purple shirt smiling.

Diane Malone

A woman in a suit and purple shirt is posing for a photo.

Adriene Casamayor

A woman with long brown hair smiling in front of a window.

Jennifer Koenen

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Chris Kegel

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Carolin Drunat

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Erika Thiem

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Tommy Feng

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Carlos Caballero

A woman holding up a t - shirt that says arcc.

Sierra Leggett

Join our coalition

I am joining the Anti-Racism Commitment Coalition, or ARCC, and therefore, commit to the following:

Commit to voting against and publicly challenging all current public officials and prospective candidates who support racism and hate (directly or indirectly) and / or remain silent, refuse to stand against it and do not actively support Anti-racism, and convince those in your network to do the same.

Commit to transforming yourself and all in your network to become anti-racist,  and  hold yourself and those in your network accountable to do so.

Commit to continuously educating yourself about the true history of the United States and its people,  not the EuroCentric version and  work to ensure the real history is finally reflected in our schools, books and curriculum.

Commit to always speaking out about racism and taking action to eradicate it, no matter the audience.

Commit to never allowing racist “dog whistles” and racially charged code words, like thug, rioters, low income people, urban people, migrants, immigrants, etc. to go unchallenged and  call them what they are -  racist terms.

Commit to always voting and using your vote for candidates who stand for anti-racism, and use it against those who back racist policies and remain silent or take no action to eradicate racism. Use your influence and vote to have racist statues, buildings and street names, and other honorariums removed.

Commit to using your money as a tool to promote anti-racism by supporting businesses that publicly take action to drive anti-racism, and use your money as a weapon against those who remain silent on issues of race or support racism and hate, by boycotting their businesses.

And Commit to Supporting ARCC publicly by displaying your picture and commitment statement on the coalition page to provide support and inspiration to the next prospective ARCC member.

Join Us Today and Sign the Contract!

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    Our coalition

    Man smiling, wearing a blue shirt.

    Aaron D.

    Neuenburg, Germany

    Smiling woman with curly hair wearing a grey sweatshirt.

    Adonai Y.

    Chaska, MN

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Albert D.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Smiling woman with brown hair in a car.

    Allison H.

    Key West, FL

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Amelia F.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Woman smiling in a blue shirt outdoors.

    Ana L.

    Hastings, NE, USA

    Woman in floral dress smiling at camera.

    Ana M.

    Paranavaí, Paraná, Brasil

    Man in blue shirt smiling indoors.

    André G.


    Man smiling at the US Open 2019.

    Andy K.

    Maple Grove, MN

    Barack Obama and man smiling at event.

    Angel R.

    Richardson, TX

    Woman holding a "Black Lives Matter" sign.

    Angelo C.

    Glendale New South Wales Australia

    Headshot of a smiling woman in a green jacket.

    Annah F.

    Chaska, MN

    Man wearing glasses with beach in background.

    Anthimos M.

    Minnetonka, MN, USA

    Couple smiling in a field with wildflowers.

    Arun D.

    Rockford, IL

    Woman with long red hair smiling

    Ashley B.

    Leesburg, VA

    Smiling mother and daughter in a park.

    Blake W.

    Decatur, GA

    Smiling woman with curly hair in a striped shirt.

    Brianna L.

    Chaska, MN

    Headshot of a man wearing glasses.

    Carl L.

    Chaska, MN

    Man with glasses in front of a "TAM" sign.

    Carlos C.

    Austin, TX

    Man smiling in white shirt and tie.

    Carlton A.

    San Jose, CA

    A woman holding a baby on a balcony.

    Carolin D.

    Neuenberg, Germany

    Smiling woman wearing a silver scarf.

    Carolyn K.

    Belleville, IL

    Family portrait in front of a building.

    Cássia A.

    Ourinhos, São Paulo, Brasil

    Family portrait with a baby and Christmas tree.

    Chloe C.

    Leander, TX, USA

    Woman in black t-shirt with hearts

    Chris D.

    Chanhassen, MN

    A man wearing glasses and a grey shirt.

    Chris K.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man wearing glasses and a white shirt.

    Christopher T.

    Richmond, VA, USA

    Woman smiling on a mountain overlooking a lake.

    CiCi F.

    Baltimore, MD, USA

    Smiling man with goatee wearing a button-down shirt.

    Clint F.

    Plymouth, MN

    Couple posing in front of "Will Sweat For Beer" sign.

    Colin M.

    Chicago, IL, USA

    Smiling man with grey hair in black shirt.

    Craig B.

    Edina, MN

    Smiling man in a purple shirt.

    Dan M.

    Victoria, MN

    Family portrait on a wooden bench.

    Daniel R.

    Chaska, MN

    Man with beard and blue shirt in a house.

    David C.

    Myersville, MD, USA

    Book cover: The Anti-Racist Organization by Shereen Daniels.

    David K.

    Duluth, MN, USA

    Smiling woman with long braids in a tank top.

    Dazmine J.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Man with glasses and a beard smiling.

    Dean S.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Young woman sitting at a government table.

    Detra D.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Woman wearing a black shirt with "ARCC" logo.

    Diane M.

    Wayzata, MN

    Woman with blonde hair smiling and wearing glasses.

    Diane M.

    St. Cloud, MN

    Man and daughter hug in a field.

    Dietrich N.

    Edina, MN

    Smiling woman wearing a black shirt.

    Dina K.

    El Segundo, CA, USA

    Donna Allen Moore with a Booker T. Washington quote.

    Donna A. M.

    Sugarloaf Key, FL

    Smiling man in a blue sweater.

    Dontá H.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Smiling man in suit giving thumbs up.

    Doug C.

    Chaska, MN

    A family of four smiling for a photo.

    Edson S.

    Ourinhos, SP Brazil

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Eliany L.

    Key West, Florida, USA

    Hand drawn quote: citizens can change the world.

    Ellen B.

    Chaska, MN

    Woman in green top near Japanese Ferris wheel.

    Emi P.

    Alhambra, CA, USA

    Smiling woman wearing a white top at the beach.

    Emily T.

    Key West, FL

    Smiling man wearing a blue t-shirt.

    Eric D.

    San Jacinto, CA, USA

    Woman sitting on stone steps in ruins.

    Erika T.

    Excelsior, MN

    Headshot of a smiling Black woman.

    Evelyn W.

    Charlotte, NC, USA

    Smiling woman with long brown hair.

    Gabriella B.

    Winter Garden, FL

    Smiling woman in glasses at Marketing Matters event.

    Gabrielle D.

    Lathrup Village, MI, USA

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Gakundi A.

    Genève, Switzerland

    Man in a blue suit and tie smiling.

    George S.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Two scuba divers underwater with gear.

    Gerard A.

    Huntsville, AL

    Smiling woman in pink blazer and floral shirt.

    Grace G.

    Plymouth, MN, USA

    Man giving presentation with "America" words on shirt.

    Greg L.

    Plymouth, MN, USA

    Smiling woman with blonde hair in a field.

    Hayley G.

    Oro Valley, AZ, USA

    A man with glasses and a grey shirt.

    Howard G.

    Chaska, MN

    A woman in a black blazer and white shirt.

    Isabel Q.

    Albuquerque, NM, USA

    A woman holding a baby in a pink jacket.

    Janice M.

    Victoria, MN, USA

    Wedding party posing under a rusty beam.

    Jeannie C.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Man wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

    Jeffrey M.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Woman with short gray hair smiling.

    Jen B.

    Minnetonka, MN

    A woman wearing a t-shirt with a slogan.

    Jenni K.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man in a blue suit and tie.

    Jeremiah C.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man wearing glasses and blue shirt.

    João Geraldo Pinto F

    Campinas, SP

    A man in a blue jacket smiling at the camera.

    Joe S.

    Cheshire, UK

    Smiling man in suit and tie outdoors.

    John H.

    Victoria, MN

    Man wearing a unity shirt, holding a phone.

    John S.

    Mountain Rest, SC

    Black Lives Matter slogan in bold text.

    John S.

    Cortland, NY, USA

    Woman smiling in a restaurant.

    Joseph S.

    Collegeville, MN, USA

    Protest sign listing names of victims

    Joy N.

    Key West, FL

    Woman smiling in red dress with lanyard.

    Judy L.

    Key West, FL

    Smiling woman with blonde hair in black tank top.

    Julia M.

    Chicago, IL, USA

    Woman with curly brown hair smiling.

    Julia S.

    St Louis Park, MN, USA

    Woman with short dark hair smiling.

    Julie L.

    Changning DIst, Shanghai

    Woman with blonde hair wearing glasses.

    Julie W.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Stone bridge and city skyline at night.

    Jun W.

    Eden Priaie, MN, USA

    Man smiling in front of wood wall.

    Justin T.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Smiling woman with glasses in a car.

    Karen S.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Three women smiling under a balloon arch.

    Katelynn C.

    Key West, FL

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Kathleen L.

    Greenfield Twp, PA, USA

    A woman lectures students in a classroom.

    Kathleen L.

    Greenfield Township, PA

    Man in red hoodie smokes cigar outdoors.

    Kelly O.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man in blue shirt against black background.

    Kevin S.

    Bankok, Thailand

    Two young girls hugging in dresses.

    Kori T.

    Tallahassee, FL, USA

    Woman with blonde hair looking at camera.

    Kseniia M.

    Kirkland, WA, USA

    Anti-Racism Commitment Coalition logo.

    Laira L.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Smiling woman in striped sweater with long brown hair.

    Laura B.

    Salt Lake City, UT, USA

    Man on a black BMW motorcycle.

    Laxmi G.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man in a light blue shirt.

    Leandro L.

    Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo

    Leane D.

    Portage, IN, USA

    Smiling man wearing a black jacket.

    Leo P.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Smiling woman with brown hair wearing orange jacket.

    Leslie K.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Woman in black tank top and jeans smiling.

    Leslie R.

    St. Louis Park, MN

    Couple wearing shirts with "As I have loved you"

    Libby G.

    Miami, FL

    Smiling woman in a striped shirt.

    Lillian F.

    Cotia, São Paulo, Brasil

    A woman with long dark hair smiling.

    Lindsay M.

    Scottsdale, AZ, USA

    A woman smiling with dark hair.

    Lucy R.

    Key West, FL

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Luke P.

    Valley City, ND, USA

    Man in a striped suit with a pocket square.

    Lynne T.

    Ormond Beach, FL

    Woman with braids smiling in a park.

    Madona P.

    Key West, FL

    Smiling woman in a blue dress in a field.

    Maisie L.

    Valley City, ND

    Man holding gifts with a guitar.

    Marco B.

    Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil

    Smiling businesswoman holding a binder.

    Margaret R.

    Circle Pines, MN, USA

    Woman with long black hair smiling outdoors.

    Mariele V.

    Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Woman with blonde hair smiling in a bar.

    Martha M.

    Excelsior, MN

    Smiling woman in a graduation gown and hat.

    Mary-Kate S.

    Houston, TX

    Man in white t-shirt with anti-racism logo.

    Matthew K.

    Stillwater, OK

    Smiling woman with brown hair and earrings.

    Meg B.

    Edina, MN

    Man in a black vest and blue tie.

    Mel’Dre K.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Woman wearing a #ENOUGH shirt and a mask.

    Mia O.

    Bloomington, MN, USA

    Illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with "VOTE" text.

    Michele R.

    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Woman with purple hair and makeup.

    Michelle K.

    Chisago City, MN, USA

    Girl blowing out candles on birthday cake.

    Michelle L.

    Chaska, MN

    A woman wearing a mask with a slogan.

    MJ T.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Woman smiling with red lipstick wearing a black headscarf.

    Naheen T.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Woman wearing orange shirt gives thumbs up.

    Nancy H.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling man in a black jacket.

    Nick E.

    Farmington, MN

    Anti-racism commitment coalition logo.

    Nishara N.

    Durban, South Africa

    An older couple sitting together, smiling.

    Olatha L.

    Tampa, FL

    Smiling woman with short brown hair.

    Olusola I.

    Thamesmead, United Kingdom

    A young man with curly hair in a hoodie.

    Pedro M.

    Key West, FL

    A family of four smiling by the ocean.

    Peter C.

    Orono, MN

    Smiling woman in a denim jacket.

    Rachelle L.

    Maple Grove, MN

    Smiling woman in front of music posters.

    Raquel B.

    Paranavaí, Parana, Brasil

    Smiling woman in a gray hoodie.

    Rebecca G.

    Apple Valley, MN, USA

    Man in a blue shirt with arms crossed.

    Reginaldo B.

    Cambará, Brasil

    Black and white image of George Floyd mural.

    Ricardo V.

    Plymouth, MN

    Man in sunglasses by a snowy waterfall.

    Richard S.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Woman in striped shirt and white jeans.

    Rosa N.

    Key West, FL

    Black and white portrait of a woman.

    Rosana R.

    Ourinhos, São Paulo, Brasil

    Mother and two children smiling.

    Rosimeire M.

    Paranavaí, Paraná, Brasil

    Anti-Racism Commitment Coalition logo.

    Scott R.

    Hancock, WI, USA

    BBF Vision Hope Empowerment logo

    Sheila F.

    Omaha, NE, USA

    A man and woman smiling at the beach.

    Sheila G.

    Mosier, OR

    Woman with long brown hair smiling.

    Sherry, G.

    Old Town, FL

    Woman wearing an Anti-Racism Commitment Coalition shirt.

    Sierra L.

    Chicago, IL

    Man in suit smiling with hand on cheek.

    Skyllar S.

    Roseau, MN, USA

    Woman wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

    Sonya A.

    Mountain View, CA

    A woman with brown hair and glasses smiles.

    Staci S.

    Mahtomedi, MN

    Gray t-shirt with "Created Equal" text.

    Susan R.

    Falls Church, BA

    A man with a beard looks at the camera.

    Thiago P.

    Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brasil

    Pencil drawing of a child holding a sign.

    Tommy F.

    Maple Grove, MN

    Woman wearing a white t-shirt with a logo.

    Tracy L.

    Chaska, MN

    Smiling couple sitting at a restaurant table.

    Umberto G.

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Woman in striped dress smiling by a bike.

    Vanessa Jean L.

    Key West, FL

    Headshot of a woman in a blue blazer.

    Victoria K.

    Edo, Nigeria

    Four arms interlocked in unity.

    Vinod A.

    Nashik, Maharastra, India

    I am committed to ARCC!!

    Whitney S.

    Lakeville, MN

    Young woman in Fila sweater and Vans shoes.

    Yabsera Y.

    Chaska, MN, USA

    Young woman holding a baseball bat.

    Yahaira W.

    Key West, FL

    Portrait of a young Black woman.

    Youma M.

    Key West, FL, USA

    Man in front of Washington Monument.

    Yucheng L.

    Bangor, ME

    Flowers on street with chalk message.

    Zach M.

    Victoria, MN

    Black Lives Matter slogan in white.

    Zoey H.

    Chaska, MN