July 1, 2020

Jenni K.

A woman wearing a t-shirt with a slogan.

Jenni K.

Chaska, MN

Why I joined ARCC?

I’ve had enough. We (white people) cannot use ignorance as an excuse because social media has shown us what America has always been. Black people have been doing almost all of the hard work in pushing for equality and justice while we sat comfortably in our segregated neighborhoods and decided that race is something that we just don’t talk about in public. If I am not an active participant in disrupting and eliminating racism then I am basically saying that I am okay with it. It is time for us to get uncomfortable and start supporting and distributing the load of this work amongst our shoulders to reduce the burden on black people who have so many more burdens placed upon them because of white supremacy. I want to live in a world where black mothers no longer fear for their children’s lives when they are out of their sight. Where black children are allowed to be children with the same privileges white children are given when they are rowdy, loud, obnoxious, or simply having a good time. I want to live in a world where accountability for racist actions is swift and severe and never tolerated. I look forward to growing this community and fostering anti-racism in my own network and across the United States to finally put this backwards worldview where it belongs…in the past.