Our work

How our community inspires others to fight racism

Our mission is to provide inspiration, education, and support for you to practice and spread anti-racism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”

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What we do

Therefore, one of the most important aspects of ARCC is to teach and help you on your transformation journey to anti-racism by providing access to support and resources, with a focus on addressing three critical areas:

1. Erasing IGNORANCE about racism.

Erasing the IGNORANCE about racism and hate that ranges from the unconscious, to the conscious but accepted and ignored, through to the structural, systemic and institutional, and everything in between. This includes addressing one of the greatest frauds in history, the concept of race itself, which does not pass the tests of common sense or science. Remember that Dr. King also said that “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” So addressing this first is of the utmost importance.

2. Building INTELLIGENCE about anti-racism.

Building INTELLIGENCE in the form of knowledge and capability in understanding anti-racism, and how it differs from non-racism. The biggest impediment to eradicating racism is not the racist; it's the "non-racist" whose unwillingness to see the reality of structural and systemic racism or take action to destroy it supports the institution and endurance of racism. There is no middle ground with racism. You're on the side of racism or the side of anti-racism.

3. Developing CHARACTER to spread anti-racism.

Developing CHARACTER, confidence, resolve and determination to act on the knowledge and capability you build to eradicate racism and spread anti-racism. This includes developing the courage to Stand Up, Speak Out and Take Action to transform those in your network to come Anti-Racist, those closest to you, your family and friends, and to break down all forms of racism including systemic ad structural.

How we do it

ARCC will spread anti-racism by leveraging the effect of exponential network growth with simplicity, clarity, inclusivity, and inspiration.

We will eradicate racism and spread anti-racism through EXPONENTIAL NETWORK GROWTH.

We will make it clear that each person is accountable to eradicate hate and racism and that they have the power to take action. More specifically, we will reinforce the fact that one person can make an impact toward world change through the exponential network growth effect.

We will keep ARCC SIMPLE and CLEAR.

There is no centrist middle ground regarding racism. You are on the side of racism or the side of anti-racism. You either commit to becoming an anti-racist or you don't. We will keep language clear and simple to promote ease of understanding, translation, adoption, and activation. We will communicate clearly and simply to help ensure that there are no misunderstandings, and we will be transparent and direct so there is no coded language or ingrained beliefs that are left unsaid or unaddressed.

We will make ARCC INCLUSIVE.

We will ensure that any person who is willing to commit to be a part of ARCC and do the work, feels welcomed, valued, accountable and empowered to drive change, eradicate racism and spread anti-racism.

We will provide resources, support, and INSPIRATION.

We will ensure that every person has the structural and emotional support to continually learn and build the confidence to speak out, stand up, take action and transform their network. Many people don’t like entering challenging and uncomfortable territory by themselves or venturing into the unknown without knowing exactly what will happen. However, once they see others jump in, they find the confidence to enter the fray themselves. It is like the TED Talk video of how to start a movement, where one person starts dancing on a crowded beach with no music, and everyone looks at this person like he is crazy. Then a second brave person joins the first person in the dance, and soon everyone on the beach is dancing. One person started the dance, but it was the second and third and the others that followed that created the tipping point that made it a movement.

Video: Start a Movement (Derek Sivers) (5:41)

ARCC will provide the support to create the confidence for each new person to join and drive us toward the tipping point of a massive movement of anti-racism. But unlike the dancers in the video who eventually have to stop dancing on the beach and go home, the ARCC movement continues to spread because it is based on a commitment to build a racism-free world. As new members commit to ARCC’s vision, the total membership number will increase in real time. Members are profiled on the "Our people” page with their pictures, names, and testimonials to convey their commitment and demonstrate the vast support network we are building. However, this movement is not a random dance, ARCC is an altruistic necessity that has been 400 years in the making. So COMMIT NOW TO ARCC and become part of the movement that will end racism once and for all.