January 15, 2021

Jeannie C.

Wedding party posing under a rusty beam.

Jeannie C.

Minneapolis, MN

Why I joined ARCC?

I’ve always been anti-racist. As a woman of color, raised by an english-as-a-second-language mother, I witnessed the barriers she faced and how bias, stereotypes and just greed affected her. She taught me from an early age, that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and given equal opportunity. Often, marginalized individuals fail to realize how the systematic oppression of others for the benefit of few should unite us. I hold a wide spectrum of sisters and brothers inclusive of Black Americans, Asian, Americans, Muslim Americans, people with disabilities, transgender individuals and more. It is abhorrent that our black and brown brothers face the harshest costs through our justice system and the killing of unarmed black men. I commit to being an increasing part of this solution. I am grateful for your leadership Donzel.