January 15, 2021

Doug C.

Smiling man in suit giving thumbs up.

Doug C.

Chaska, MN

Why I joined ARCC?

Inspired by our son, Jeremiah Cox, and the bold leadership of Donzel Leggit, I want to do more than simply BELIVE in antiracism. I’m convinced that I can and should actively overcome racist decisions and tendencies in my own thoughts and actions and help my colleagues, friends and relatives embrace this same path to freedom and justice.

Although I am privileged to have enjoyed friendships with people of many ethnicities since I was a small child and throughout every period of my life, I have also learned racism. As a Christian, I believe that the preferential attitudes and treatment for some people over and against others, simply because of the color of their skin, or their ethnicity is something that grieves God while deeply hurting individuals and ad whole societies. Learning to think, behave and teach how to be antiracist is part of what I believe God wants for each and every human being. This is a a path of reconciling individuals and whole communities. The impact can and will be profound. Yet it begins with simple, every day things – like questioning our own biases and seeking engagement with people that help us overcome them.