February 29, 2024

Hayley G.

Smiling woman with blonde hair in a field.

Hayley G.

Oro Valley, AZ, USA

Why I joined ARCC?

I am pledging my commitment to anti-racism because as a cis white woman I think it is very important for me to be loudly anti-racist, and share with my family & peers how to be anti racist, and to not participate in microaggressions or other forms of internalized racism. Over the past few years I have really tried to increase my knowledge on anti-racism by reading books and attending rallies and marches, and I want to continue learning. I also pride myself on immediately calling out racist or microaggressive statements or posts from peers and family, and try to educate them on why it is not okay, and how to unlearn such behavior. Overall, I want to learn more from people of color and advocate for causes that help them, and dismantle the systemically racist world we live in.