February 18, 2021

Rosimeire M.

Mother and two children smiling.

Rosimeire M.

Paranavaí, Paraná, Brasil

Why I joined ARCC?

Gálatas 3:28 NTLH “There is no difference between Jews and not Jews, between slaves and free people, between men and women: you are all one because you are united with Jesus Christ.”
Tiago 2:8,9 “If you really obey the real law found in Scripture that says, “Love people as you love yourself”, you will be doing right. But if you treat others favorably, they will be committing sin and will be condemned by the Law as transgressors.”
Atos 17:26 NTLH “From one man he created all human races to live on earth”
Atos 10:34-35 NTLH “Then Peter began to speak. He said: – Now I know that, in fact, God treats everyone equally, because he accepts all who fear him and do what is right, whatever his race.”
Those are Bible Quotes that make us reflect in how God expect that we treat each other. It is a mistake if someone think that some person is better than another for the color of skin. That’s why I joined the ARCC, so that we can work against racism.
I invite you to make a reflection based on the verses and work hard to eliminate racism. If everybody does a part, respecting people independent of their color, we can change the world and our children will not cry anymore.