January 15, 2021

Yucheng L.

Man in front of Washington Monument.

Yucheng L.

Bangor, ME

Why I joined ARCC?

COVID-19 has, in many ways, revealed the problematic systems of America. Upon the arrival of 2021, the country as a whole enters a new stage of the pandemic: recovery. Yet, the process of healing transcends healthcare and medicine. killing racism, the infectious disease between you and me, is a substantial job that requires the action of every single person in America. In a more personal level, to make progresses, the easiest ways are studying up and engaging(with people of color). However, as a Chinese international student, I, to an extent, lacked the medium to connect with other racial communities or to objectively understand the social issues in America. Therefore, I wish joining the ARAC will truly open my eyes, and I hope that this can be an opportunity for me to manifest my activism as an minority.