February 26, 2021

Lillian F.

Smiling woman in a striped shirt.

Lillian F.

Cotia, São Paulo, Brasil

Why I joined ARCC?

I’m at ARCC because I believe in equality. All human with their individualities, we are EQUAL and we deserves the same. I feel so bad and outraged when I see in the news the cruelties practiced by people who do not understand that in the same way.
In Brazil the racism is instilled in society and the people normally do not talk about that. It is a veiled prejudice. The result is that many people just identify racism when an alarming news appears in the newspaper or television. They don’t recognize racism in the small attitudes that happen on a daily basis, like looking differently a black person, judge a black people on the bus, or other absurdities.
I believe that talking more about it, pace by pace, the consciousness about how absurd is to judge and differentiate a person by physical appearance, culture, religion or sexual orientation will raise. Similar to think that a small seed, when planted, will became a big tree. I believe that the purpose of ARCC is spread these seeds of love and awareness around the world.