October 15, 2020

Whitney S.

I am committed to ARCC!!

Whitney S.

Lakeville, MN

Why I joined ARCC?

There are multiple reasons why I am joining this coalition. The biggest reason is to completely destroy racism and to stand up for minorities whose voices are marginalized by society. After the extensive damage done by this specific administration and administrations from the past centuries, it is beyond time for ALL Americans to be treated with the dignity and respect that we all deserve. In addition, I am committed to vote the current administration out of the office and clean up the mess in society caused by, the soon to be, past administration after the election is over. This is a place that I want to be proud to call home, but right now, I am not proud of the state of our country. I won’t be proud until racism is completely destroyed and ALL Americans are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. With all of this said, I am 110% ready to be a part of the ARCC and to drive positive change in society.