November 24, 2020

Joe S.

A man in a blue jacket smiling at the camera.

Joe S.

Cheshire, UK

Why I joined ARCC?

It seems so obvious to me that all people deserve equality and diversity. I’m a straight white man, but I am disabled and have previously committed to working with disabled people to improve our lives as an activist. However, I believe that if categories of people who aren’t receiving the human rights they deserve don’t work with others, then we’re not going to find a way to overpower white supremacy that does not deserve to exist.

I’m still looking to build up my career and my network, so although I entered a number, cannot label the number of people I can commit to try and transform yet. However, I only ambitiously hope I can persuade as many people as possible in the future. I’m currently writing a YA novel that includes many disabled characters. I have also started singing and songwriting ever since the pandemic started to cause issues after people complimented my music at the very start of the year. As well as working within the arts, activism will always be a key part of my career as well.