November 8, 2022

George S.

Man in a blue suit and tie smiling.

George S.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why I joined ARCC?

On 4th of January 2021 I was denied boarding at check-in (Lufthansa Airline operated by Air Dolomiti at Malpensa, Italy) whilst in possession of the correct return ticket for the flight. I insisted that I had the right ticket, and rather than verify this again, to my utter shock, I was threatened with the police. What made the experience even more traumatizing for me was the fact that all 3 white airline assistants ganged upon me, called me names and eventually had to call the police in which I was publicly interrogated and as a result I felt criminalized, humiliated and discriminated against by the circumstances of that situation. I filed a complaint with the airline, went to ADR legal procedure and in the end it was concluded I was unequally treated and profiled. On the 4th of January 2021 my human rights were violated and I want the world to know how it feels to be racially discriminated, ethnically profiled, and humiliated and the impact it could have on a victim of such an experience. The experience has caused me a lot of distress leading to medical attention. That has not stopped me. Since the incident I have been very active in fighting for my rights and for the rights of others. I am currently helping 30 people who experienced a similar situation with the airline and who have joined in on a class action lawsuit. The numbers keep growing. I look forward to being a part of the ambassadors and of your network. To learn more about my story visit: