July 13, 2020

Jeremiah C.

Smiling man in a blue suit and tie.

Jeremiah C.

Chaska, MN

Why I joined ARCC?

I’ve never understood how someone can hate an entire group of people, yet the more I learn about race and systematic racism, I learn how my passive inaction has enabled racism in every space I’ve occupied. There is no excuse not to join the ARCC. As Leggett wrote, this type of organization has been warranted for 400 years. The ARCC shouldn’t need to be applauded for taking steps towards racial justice, everyone being treated equitably should already be a universal truth. Yet the systems and power structures inherited from British colonists remain entrenched deep in our countries veins. Mass incarceration, generational wealth, inequitable access to housing, loans, education, and so much more can be addressed individually, but without uprooting the underlying causes of implicit and explicit racism, any progress will likely reverse itself. The ARCC is one step that we can all take for a fair future. And let’s be clear, the ARCC is much more than a mailing list or single donation. Antiracism requires consistent commitment towards uprooting racism in yourself and those around you. This may sound like a daunting task, but I’ll wager you’ll be surprised by the amount of support you’ll receive for fighting racism. I believe most Americans care about racism, but aren’t sure where to start. Well the ARCC is a starting point, and it’s past time to start the journey. However, many organizations in the US have bashed movements for racial justice, particularly BLM and Anti-racism. If you are skeptical about ARCC and just want to talk with someone, PLEASE email me at jeremiahcoxfred@gmail.com so we can discuss your concerns. I will not judge you for anything you say, we all must make faux pas for any progress to legitimately be achieved.