DeepDive Medical Racism Follow-Up Resources

Following a great conversation with Glahnnia “Renn’ee” Rates on the DeepDive Talkshow, here are several resources for viewers interested in learning more about medical racism, health equity, and patient advocacy as it relates to Ren’ee’s work.

List of Upcoming Events with Ren’ee: Please see the photos below to review Ren’ee’s events for this month, curated to honor Black History Month.

Community Partnership Packet: You may explore the contents of our community partnership packet here which outlines how organizations like ARCC can collaborate with BCHWA. Also, In addition, we are a member of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce. You may view our membership page here

3. Highlights of Our Successes & Scope of Work: These include our achievements and milestones BCHWA has reached over the past year and the current scope of work for this year, which you may view here

4. Past Presentations via YouTube: Access our past presentations on YouTube here to delve into the topics we’ve covered and the discussions we’ve hosted.

5. Check out our LinkTree: This page has our social media links and access to upcoming events, past interviews, and current initiatives that we support.