What I have Learned Throughout my Journey in ARCC

I feel very honored to be a part of ARCC. I have learned so much in the last three weeks, whether it is something new or I need to be reminded of. I feel so lucky that I get to be around people who are willing to be vulnerable and honest. As well as they take ownership of the mistakes they have made and are eager to be better and make a change.

First, starting in week one, we talked about identities and not just personality traits. There is so much more. For example, identities include race and heritage, religion, and gender. Identities are much more complex than we think. Before, I had to get it down to talk or explain my identity to people. I know I will think about how I will ask people about their identities.

In session 2, we learned about white privilege, and this topic, to me, feels like it is not talked about enough. This can be a complex topic, but it can be hard to fathom how whites get the upper hand in most things. However, I feel like this can be complex because there are colored children who, for example, might be adopted and could get the same benefits as white people. I know that for me, being adopted into a white family and throughout my life, I never realized how lucky I have it.  White privilege is still a thing today and has a long way to go.

In session 3, we learned about systematic racism. In this session, I expanded my knowledge and realization of the healthcare system, income, and school system. This session was probably the most influential on how I think about my life compared to others. Getting to a place where everyone will be equal will be a long road, but that might be impossible. 

However, I know we can work because of ARCC’s course and my training toward a better future and an equal world where people will have justice. I am excited for the next few weeks and my journey at ARCC