The Incredible Adonai Yidnekachew, ARCC Volunteer

Three months ago, I was invited to speak at an event for TC BANDD to provide a keynote entitled “The Path to Anti-Racism”.  The objective was to discuss ARCC’s mission of “Eradicating Racism and spreading anti-racism throughout our communities, countries and the world”, the challenges and successes that we have encountered on our journey since our organization was founded in 2020, and share a clear eyed view of our current racial climate and our path forward including a review of our 2023 Strategic Priorities which are:

  1. Grow the ARCC brand awareness and organization through awareness, excitement and programming
  2. Spread anti-racism by launching the ARCC Learning and development program externally
  3. Create capital resources to achieve our vision and mission by launching our formal fundraising strategy
  4. Grow our organizational strength through recruitment, involvement, recognition and retention

I felt that our fourth Strategic Priority was really important to hi-light, as volunteers are the lifeblood of our, and for that matter, all non-profits, and the key to achieving ARCC’s Mission of spreading Anti-racism.  And in my view, this keynote was an opportunity to recognize the great work of our volunteers by spotlighting one of most incredible and committed team members.  So I invited Adonai Yidnekachew to co-present with me.  Adonai is a high-school sophomore student, who has been an ARCC members for three years, co-hosts The ARCC of Change DEEPDive talk show, is a student council member and started and chairs Students Organized Against Racism or SOAR at her high school.  She is an undeniable leader in her school and community and her personal commitment to herself is to be “A woman who strives to give her absolute best in her work and aims to create change through educating each other”.  Adonai was truly incredible in this presentation and if you want to be INSPIRED, check it out by clicking this link and listening from minutes 25 to 36.  It is definitely 10 minutes worth your time.  You will not be disappointed.

Below is the YouTube link to the TC BANDD presentation that Adonai and I gave on February 16, 2023 (to view Adonai’s section advance the video to minute 25).

YouTube Link to “The Path to Anti-Racism” with Donzel Leggett and Adonai Yidnekachew:

Photo credit: Copyright © 2023 Adonai Yidnekachew All Rights Reserved.