My Brother, Orieon Thurston – A Mentor who gives youth HOPE!

At ARCC we espouse taking action to drive positive change.  Taking action can take many forms. Some examples are:

  • Confronting racism and hate and spreading anti-racism and anti-hate.
  • Starting a non-profit movement, like ARCC.
  • Or, volunteering your time as a community organizer to get people out to vote. 

But another very important way to take action is to mentor young people in your community. 

One of my best friends, my home boy and “brother” Orieon Thurston was recently profiled in the May 19, 2023 edition of the Rochester (MN) Post Bulletin.  Orieon, who is a Vice-Principal at John Marshall High School in Rochester, Minnesota, is another example of H.O.P.E. (How Optimistic People Endure).  His quote used for the headline of the article written by Andre Crockett and found in the Rochester-in-Color section, is “I want to be a mentor and give youth hope”.  Here is the link to the full article:

Thank you, Orieon, or as I like to call my brother, OT, for standing up, speaking out and TAKING ACTION to make positive change by mentoring youth and spreading H.O.P.E.

Photo credit: Copyright © 2023 Orieon Thurston and Rochester (MN) Post Bulletin. All Rights Reserved.