MCE is Using Music to Inspire H.O.P.E.

Earlier this month, I published Episode 9 of Season Number 3 of the ARCC log Change with Donzel Leggett podcast in which I honored the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop or Rap Music by discussing the once powerful, but now fading, impact of socially conscious Rap and Emcee icons Chuck D and KRS-One, and also welcomed to the show the socially conscious musical collective known as MCE to discuss their mission of using their musical talents to uplift their community and spread anti-racism.

Additionally, for the first time on the show we featured music by playing samples of three of my favorite MCE tracks, including their latest, and I believe greatest release, “1955 UnTILL”, a tribute to Emmitt Till.

Today, there are very contemporary rappers using the art form to make socially conscious music to drive change and to uplift their communities in the face of the extreme historic racial disparities that are still with us today.

MCE is one of the few. MCE is made up of Emcees Obafemi (also known as Magnum which is the M from MCE) and Ced Adamz (who is the C), and Soul singer Eshmelek (who is the E).

MCE is a a talented and committed group of inspiring artist, who are using their talents in the spirit of Chuck D and KRS-One, to educate and uplift their community to believe in and action HOPE.

HOPE against historic disparities.

Hope against apathy.

Hope against seemingly all odds…..

To illustrate and role model How Optimistic People Endure.

MCE is an inspiration to all who listen to their music and they clearly another great example H.O.P.E. – How Optimistic People Endure (for more on H.O.P.E. listen to Episode 1 of Season 3 The ARCC of Change with Donzel Leggett Podcast

For your convenience, here is a link to the “1955 UnTILL” Music Video it is truly worth watching!!

Photos and Art credit: Copyright © 2023 MCE. All Rights Reserved.