ARCC and Cultural Destinations at the MN State Fair Inspire H.O.P.E.

Last month, I released a very special Episode of the ARCC of Change with Donzel Leggett.  In this milestone 30th episode, I, for the first time, recorded LIVE on-site at the Minnesota State Fair at the first ever Cultural Destinations Booth, and interviewed booth creator Dr. Bruce Corrie, as well as special guests St. Paul Cultural Entrepreneur, Kemet Imhotep and long-time ARCC Members Joanell Leggett and Annie Bui to hear their collective views on the importance of the role of Cultural Destinations and ARCC in combating racism and exclusion.

I was greatly assisted in the recording and production of this episode by ARCC Board Member Tommy Feng, and photography by ARCC Coalition Member Tracy Leggett.

At ARCC, we espouse the critical importance of standing up, speaking out and taking action to create positive change.  One of our mottos is for our members to “Act with Courage to Create Change”.

Dr Brice Corrie, Kemet Imhotep, Joanell Leggett and Annie Bui are all perfect examples of what ARCC espouses and what we are all about.

Dr. Bruce Corrie, a 34-year faculty member at Concordia University and the 2021 recipient of the Minnesota Immigrant Spirit Award at the Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit, has, over the past three decades, integrated his various roles as economist, cultural entrepreneur, professor, and administrator, to change the narrative of immigrants and minorities from deficits to assets and to champion efforts around economic, political, and academic inclusion.

Kemet Imhotep has dedicated his life to representing the voiceless in St. Paul who suffer most from the historic racial disparities that still exist in the Twin Cities, including the devastating impact of routing I-94 through the historic predominantly black Rondo Neighborhood.

Joanell Leggett and Annie Bui  were integral in the start-up of ARCC, especially launching and managing our social media campaigns on Twitter and Instagram.


Here is an article in the Pioneer Press about the Cultural Destinations Booth:

Here is a link to a Video with interviews of people who visited by the Cultural Destinations Booth::

Dr Brice Corrie, Kemet Imhotep, Joanell Leggett and Annie Bui are inspirations to all of us and they clearly are another great example H.O.P.E. – How Optimistic People Endure (for more on H.O.P.E. listen to Episode 1 of Season 3 The ARCC of Change with Donzel Leggett Podcast

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