June 27, 2023 CIA Event Summary: Common Theme was Racism in Schools

The CIA event on June 27 provided an opportunity for ARCC community members to share more about their personal anti-racism journeys. We had multiple Board members attend as well as a community of students living in Florida. Throughout our time we learned how others were building their anti-racist communities by helping promote inclusivity and anti-racist education within their workplace, schools, and social environments. A main theme across the shared stories was education; educating ourselves to be more inclusive, finding ways to help educate others who want to learn more about anti-racism within a system built to deny that education, and building a local anti-racism community combatting racism within their peer group by educating each other about different cultures. We joined ARCC because we saw what can no longer be ignored and wanted to do something. Educating others and opening their eyes to what we know is how we spread antiracism; like Dorothy’s world transforming from black and white to technicolor after the storm.

Photo\Graphic credit: Copyright © 2023 A. Chris Kegel and The Anti-Racism Commitment Coalition (ARCC) All Rights Reserved.