Braeden Anderson & #BlackResilience

Today, I published Episode 5 of Season 3 of the ARCC of Change Podcast entitled, Beyond #BlackLivesMatter: A Discussion with Attorney Braeden Anderson, author of the new book BLACK RESILIENCE: The Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism. (Check out Braeden’s movement at and read the book – all the profits go to his charity.

As I’ve said many times, each and every one of us can make a difference and help ARCC achieve our vision of Creating A World Free of Racism and Hate, by transforming those in our personal networks to be anti-racist and to spread anti-racism throughout their networks. But the only way this can happen is to commit to transforming yourself first.  By not accepting the status quo, or how others want to define you, but instead by creating your own reality by standing up, speaking out, and most importantly, taking action to make a positive difference by being a living example of anti-racism.  Listen to this episode (, and you will be inspired and energized as Braeden tells his story which is one of very best examples this.

– Donzel A Leggett

Photo credit: Copyright © 2023 K. Braeden Anderson All Rights Reserved.