Juneteenth Blog 

By: Ava Kruszewski

When I think of the day of Juneteenth, I am happy that we can honor a day to celebrate a time representing freedom for African Americans. Anywhere in the United States, not just in Galveston, Texas. This day means that African Americans can now be free to celebrate their contributions, culture, and resilience. It also reminds people of their struggles from history when they didn’t have it easy. Seeing African Americans do what they dreamed or hoped to do, not under someone’s power, is joyful.  I believe that Juneteenth has become a topic over the years and has been more acknowledged than ever. I remember back in elementary school, my teachers would talk about slavery, but I do not remember Juneteenth being a thing. Juneteenth was such a pivotal time for African Americans, and even though others won’t ever fully understand their history, the only next thing is to educate ourselves on how to acknowledge other people, especially African Americans, during this day.  Now, they are hoping to end their lack of equality and justice. By acknowledging Juneteenth, we honor the past of African Americans. I hope we can reinforce their safety and inclusion in the future.