Jeremiah Cox Embodies ARCC’s Mission

At the end of 2022 we invited our entire ARCC Team to attend and participate in our Strategic Planning Retreat to review the past year’s results and set our Strategic Priorities for the upcoming year.  During the retreat we realigned our three pre-existing Strategic Priorities (below) but also added a fourth (bold below).

  1. Grow the ARCC brand awareness and organization through awareness, excitement and programming
  2. Spread anti-racism by launching the ARCC Learning and development program externally
  3. Create capital resources to achieve our vision and mission by launching our formal fundraising strategy
  4. Grow our organizational strength through recruitment, involvement, recognition and retention

We as a team felt that it was critical for us to deliberately focus on recruitment, involvement and retention as volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit especially ARCC.  However, I feel a special accountability to RECOGNIZE our volunteers.  And on this blog I want to recognize one of our most dedicated, committed hard-working volunteers.

Jeremiah Cox was an ARCC member before ARCC was even created.  Jeremiah embodies the ARCC mission of Standing Up, Speaking Out and Taking Action to spread Anti-Racism.  Jeremiah is always focused on Acting with Courage to Create Change.  Before ARCC was formed he took it upon himself, as a teenager in a majority white and conservative county, to write a commentary for the local newspaper in the aftermath of George’ Floyd’s murder, which occurred just 30 minutes from where Jeremiah grew up. This commentary, published in July, 2020 and entitled “Join me in becoming anti-racist” in which Jeremiah uses quotes from his interview with me, pulls no punches and courageously challenges people to adopt Anti-Racism.  Here is an excerpt from the commentary: “America screeched to a halt upon seeing people of color (POC) like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks killed. These tragedies tore away our ignorance, forcing white people to acknowledge egregious racial disparities in America. Yet, despite increased racial awareness, many white people remain blind to POC’s daily struggles. Change must ensue, but simply not being racist hasn’t worked; we must become anti-racist. As a white person, I’m determined to become anti-racist, and I hope you’ll join me to explore the obstacles POC face, why racism still thrives, and our role in fighting it.”Here is the link to read the full commentary:

But he didn’t stop there. After learning about the launch of ARCC, Jeremiah was one of the first to join and volunteer at ARCC.  He immediately took accountability to launch and manage our Instagram Account. He took on accountability as our overall Social Media and Website “tech” expert.  He even stepped up to co-Produce, co-Direct and co-Host the ARCC of Change DeepDIVE Talk Show (you can view past episodes here:

He then found time to write a follow-up commentary in the local newspaper published in March, 2021 and entitled “Dedicated solely to eradicating racism” in which he again interviews me, but also shares his own personal Anti-Racism journey, and introduces ARCC and encourages readers to learn more and join us. Here is an expert from this commentary: “Committing to ARCC may seem daunting, but it shouldn’t. Racism won’t disappear overnight, and neither will we become antiracist overnight. Change takes time. It’s OK to make mistakes and not know exactly how to be an antiracist ally. That’s why ARCC is here, to help you along the way. Today, you have a chance to make this world more equitable. ARCC will help you start your antiracism journey, through which you’ll be able to redefine the world and create a better future.”Here is the link to read the full commentary:

What’s really incredible about Jeremiah is that he has found time to do all of this incredible work in his community and at ARCC while also striving to be the best student he can be and prepare for whatever is next, which I know will be great.  Jeremiah graduates from the University of Minnesota in December, 2023 with an individualized Bachelor of Science degree with concentration areas in Business for Sustainability, Innovation, and Quality, and Sustainability Studies. WOW!!  This summer, he not only completed a summer internship but also developed a passion for woodworking – building an epoxy river table, a memory foam upholstered couch, and various sculptures and carvings. He is also a pet parent, the proud dad of two beautiful dogs.

As Jeremiah is graduating in December, he is looking for employment opportunities in the Twin Cities’ area or remote work.  Jeremiah is an incredible young man that any company will be proud to call a team member. I promise you that, because Jeremiah has the leadership, inspiration and resilience that characterizes H.O.P.E. – How Optimistic People Endure (for more on H.O.P.E. listen to E1S3 The ARCC of Change Podcast

Photo credit: Copyright © 2023 Jeremiah Cox. All Rights Reserved.