Having an Ant-Racist Fourth of July

By: Ava Kruuszewski

To me, an anti-racist Fourth of July means a day when people celebrate with their family or friends and come together to honor independence today. Not just as a country, but that includes inclusivity and awareness of all the races in this melting pot for a diverse and multicultural country. Remember, the Fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Decoration in 1776, proclaimed on a document that gave the right to people for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, sometimes we forget that at this time, not all Americans had these rights, especially African Americans and Indigenous people, which is so heartbreaking to hear. To know personally or whether you listen to it on the news or know people personally, there are African Americans who do not celebrate or do anything before the Fourth of July. They have every right not to celebrate, and they shouldn’t be ashamed or yellowed out since they were entirely freed yet during that time. However, history repeats itself today and is an ongoing journey that needs to end inequality and injustice. The country is divided more than ever, and people have their own opinions and goals, which is starting to create isolation. People must remember that not everyone has been freed yet, and the Fourth of July shouldn’t just be about the barbecues, get-togethers, fireworks, and parades. To honor everyone’s journey, ARCC is launching an anti-racist fourth-of-July media and giving campaign. Through this campaign, we want to celebrate the importance of inclusivity and equality. By acknowledging the past and striving for a better future, there is more of a chance to honor the rights of liberty and justice for all!

Happy Fourth of July!